Personal Information

Name : Paul
Website : http://gallery1.digviz.com/#1.0
Location : London
Date of Birth : 6th November 2009
Age : 7

Personal Bio

Usually referred to as "that photographer guy", I'm the one runs the free Cosplay Corner photo-booth at London MCM on behalf of Manga, Neo Magazine, Ubisoft & Viz.

Although I'm a general photographer I specialise in SF related areas, as such you'll find me at the major SF events. All things Asian are my real interest and have been for a long time.

Prior to photography I spent 4-5 years reviewing anime (Beez, ADV, Manga, MVM, Muramasa, Neo), as such my contacts are Japanese industry based with the odd Hollywood contact (and a thoroughly nice bunch of peeps they are too).

In my youth I spent many years doing Karate (Shotokan) and have managed to damage most every inch of body in some way- someone else can save the world, I've done my bit.

Although I look scary, I'm a nice guy really (slow to anger, quick to laugh). It should be noted that I blub like a baby at sad scenes >.<

I'm married... what! you had your chance, no point in crying about it now >.<

Cosplay Bio

Ah, if only...

Contact Information

If you need a photographer, just ask ^__^ paul@digviz.com