About Me

I have been Cosplaying since 2009 and my first Anime con/expo would be the London MCM Expo that was in May. To it I cosplayed my very first ever costume which was my signiture costume "Grand Master Bulbaboi" which was great and people recognised me from Youtube and Deviant art ^^. I haven't won any awards for "Grand Master Bulbaboi" YET but I will. I plan on cosplaying Snow from Final Fantasy XIII and Max from Dark Chronicle which will look great. I made "Grand Master Bulbaboi" up from "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon" and The series "DOG the Bounty Hunter" since you can capture criminals in both ^^. I have started my very own Cosplay group known as "DoversELITEcosplayers" for the south-east of the UK and for Kent ^^ for anyone who is interested ^^.

Other Profiles

E-mail me if ya wanna meet up sometime if ya live in Kent or the South-east of the UK