Personal Information

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Name : Bronwen
Location : Qarth - the greatest city that is and ever will be.

Personal Bio

Y HELLO THAR. I am Bronwen, known by many names; Brown, Bron, Bee, MummaBrown, etc.

-I'm pretty much a degenerate bibliophile.
-I'm a total nerd(fighter) and proud; I love anything with the word star in it, be it Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargazing live. Yeah. STARS. (Also a Physics nerd)
-Marvel movies are awesome
-TV. Supernatural, 30Rock, Community, M*A*S*H, Scrubs, Friends, EVERYTHING.
-Game of Thrones, LotR, fantasy anything is cool
-Assassin's Creed II is awesome - favourite game.
-You name it, I probably know something really boring and useless about it.
-Currently avoiding studying for A-levels, therefore will probably fail to meet my offers for medical school ><

Cosplay Bio

I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I do enjoy cosplay. :)

I largely cosplay with TheCakeIsGone, ArrantheGreat and ladyspuds (hey, guys!). We've done DragonAge II (though I don't play it myself) and we're working towards a Game of Thrones one now :)

I go to the London MCM Expo, usually in October because yuck May exams. :(