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Name : Briony
Website :
Location : Somerset
Date of Birth : 16th December 1991
Age : 25

Personal Bio

Im bad at thinking up things like this so i thought id steal my old personal bio that Blobfish wrote for me! XD

'A run-of-the-mill student with an almost obsessional love for anything Japanese. Her light attitude and silly outlook on life can get highly annoying, but we keep her around anyway. Her overall wish is to create a super-awesome bishie farm, which she spends her days planning and designing, ready to go live there as soon as her prision sentence known as 'school' is over*. Sadly however, her obsession sometimes goes much too far and the creation of random words comes in to play, which is an annoyance in itself as no one seems to know what shes chatting about. Be Warned: She May Pilfer Your Gil!'

*Im out of school now, studying Graphic Design at college!

If anyone who knows me thinks of anything to go here then please tell me! XD

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying about 2 years ago because i had found an American group called JAC Productions and loved what they were doing.

My first cosplay was Inner Sakura from Naruto (which was really bad but since i was scared of teh sewing machine im quite proud of it! haha)and i teamed up wth Blobfish (as Inner Ino) for a photoshoot. I never looked back after that!