Ben Atreius Hall

Personal Information

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Name : Ben
Website :
Location : Canterbury Kent U.K.
Date of Birth : 21st October 1986
Age : 30

Personal Bio

Heya everyone of the internets, how's tricks?

Anyways my name is Ben and have a wide array of interests and hobbies which mainly revolve around gaming and model making and always up for a challenge if it looks like fun :)

I've studied a variety of courses including HND Electrical and Electronic Engineering, A Levels in Theatre Studies and Physics and an Access course in Humainties and Teaching. Pretty much willing to give most things a try ^^

Although currently working at Waitrose in Canterbury I am looking into work as a primary school teaching assistant. Another thing I have thought of putting my costumes to good use with charity so please don't heitate to ask if anyone might be interested :D Right now just take life as it comes :)

Cosplay Bio

I've always enjoyed dressing up but got into cosplay proper in 2010 with my (still) favorite G1 Optimus Prime costume ^^

While this one has grown and improved over the years I've done a wide variety of cosplays that without the benefit of a group I may never have attempted!

Although I haven't won anything for my cosplays I still consider my best cosplay moment was when cosplaying as Sonic the Hedgehog. A child shouted 'Mummy! Mummy it's Sonic!" and they were ecstatic to have their photo taken with me ^^ It's little things like that which are worth so much more than any trophy! :D