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Name : zoe
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Location : portsmouth uk
Date of Birth : 22nd August 1986
Age : 30

Personal Bio

At the moment Iam just finshing my 3rd and final year of Law and Criminolgoy Degree at Southamoton Solent University. Im very much the defention of fan girl. Im werid cooky and proud.

Cosplay Bio

I stared cosplaying in at amecon 11 which was my first amecon. I had gone in costumes to buffycons before but i dont count that as cosplaying. Amecon 11 was my first cosplay it was of Hannajima Saki from Fruits Basket I used colothes that i already i had and a cheap asda halloween wig.Since then every con I have been to I have cosplayed. The first cosplays I made myself was my cosplays for AME 07 they where nanna from elfein lied and askua (as a child) from NGE complete with creepy hanging doll.
My proundest achivement was my misstress 9 cosplay that I made by altering a dress a brought Im so proud how it turned out.

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