About Me

How did my interest in cosplay start? Oh geez...I can't really remember...I think it began with looking up characters in an image seacrh, and seeing people cosplaying as the characters. Then I found cosplay.com, and became obsessed with wanting to cosplay.

The only achievement I've really made is winning the cosplay contest at my local ReCon (I cosplayed as Sasuke from Naruto). The cosplay wasn't perfect, but it was obviously good enough =3

The thing I enjoy most about cosplay is that you can have fun dressing like your favourite anime characters, and people won't judge you for it: they'll encourage it! It's also great to meet other cosplayers, and advice-swapping is always good for future cosplays.

Other Profiles

MSN: sailor_moon_naz@hotmail.com
Yahoo Messenger: azouie_naz@yahoo.com