About Me

^_^ I only got into cosplay because I saw fdp on youtube doing it... and well... you know fdp... ugh.... their cosplays are so awesome... >< so yeah I thought I might give it a go and ugh.... yeah.... it's expensive!! >_< but I see why they do it hehe so much fun ^^ I'm not in any kind of Cosplay group *sadface* I hope to be some day when I have loads and loads of costumes ^_^ People will actually want me to be in the group :) Blah Blah Blah...
I adore going to conventions and getting FREE HUGS!!! >3< hehe
last convention I went to would be London MCM expo Oct 09 where I went as Kuja from Final Fantasy IX ^^ I gots loads of hugs and pictures :) so I was a happy Kuja :] I can't wait for next expo !!! Rawr :3