Personal Information

Name : Tom
Location : Plymouth, Devon, UK
Date of Birth : 5th August 1987
Age : 29

Personal Bio

Hey all and sundry ppls of world, what can i say about me?
heh, well i can tell you what i do, im a freelance silversmith (jewellery FTW!) in need of a workshop, i also mega-dig PC and 360 gaming, the only way i could live on my computer more is if i was hardwired into the blasted thing lol!
also im a big fan of Games workshop models, i love collecting and painting an army, then tasking to the field of battel with it and crushing my opponent before me! HA! i wish
ive also had a long-running love affair with Dungeons and Dragons (3 and 3.5 ed, do not speak to me of this unholy abomination that is 4.0!) and White Wolf's Vampire: tha masquerade, indeed World of Darkness D10 RPG in general!

as for what im like, ive been described as lovable, bouncy, utterly crazy and adorable, i dont know if thats true or nor, so have a chat and draw your own conclusions hehehehehehehehe

anyhow, thats all i can realy think about atm, so ttfn XD xxxx

Cosplay Bio

To be perfectly honest, im only properly getting into cosplay now with the planning of my first couple outfits, but ive had an iterest in it for years but never had the time or energy to be bothered til now, plus a close friend of mine has kinda given me a push in the right direction, as well as a fountain of insperation.

as to what and why i enjoy it, well for a start i love making things, so im looking forward to useing it as a creative outlet, plus also if i could concevably get away with it id LIVE in cosplay gear, as it feels sooo much more real to me that this so called 'real life', hells im still tryna find the reset button and the programmer access hatches, no luck yet, but if i do, this'll be the first place i yell about it!

Contact Information

Do this later, mebe