About Me

I started cosplaying when I was about 16-17, in 2006, when my best friend asked me to do it with her (Panic Channel band, me as Meguru, her as Tara). The revelation. I've cosplayed this guy for about three years, making the whole costume three times (as I was studying sewing at the same time, after the first time cosplaying).
But in 2008, due to my studies, illness stress and (obviously) the lack of time, I stopped everything for about two years.
In 2011, some new friends asked me to cosplay again, for some show, as Road Kamelot from D.Gray-man. Why not, I told them. It's been so long since the last cosplay, I only remembered the good moment with my friend.
Now, I'm back, working on more and more costumes.


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