About Me

I'm a games/anime cosplayer from the buckinghamshire/oxfordshire border.
Been cosplaying since 2009 - Recently started making cosplays but my first bunch of cosplays were readymade.

So far I have cosplayed:
Kiryuu Zero/Ichiru - Vampire knight
Gilbert Nightray - Pandra Hearts
Kaname Kuran - Vampire Kinght
Iceland - Hetalia
Yukimura Sanada - Sengoku Basara
Lu Xun - Dynasty Warriors
D'Eon de beaumont - Chevalier D'Eon

I am in the process of making several cosplays but suffer from every cosplayers nightmare....procrastination :s

In 2012, I founded a cosplay group called CrossAcademyCosplay. (PM for links to the facebook/deviantart pages)
Our group cosplay various chacters from the anime Vampire Knight and have shoots in various places around the UK.
For the most part we have concentrated on just photo shoots but will be expanding onto CMV's / AMV's and much more.

The main conventions I go to are the MCM run conventions in London and Midlands - Occasionally the B'ham and manchester ones too.

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