Personal Information

Name : Amy
Location : London
Date of Birth : 14th October 1984
Age : 32

Personal Bio

Currently living in London where I work as a web and iOS developer.

For hobbytastic time I play the piano, dance and fill my time with fantastical games/books (and WoW I'm ashamed to say). I would love to learn the harp, but teachers are expensive!

Cosplay Bio

I've always loved making costumes, but only found cosplay when I was invited to MinamiCon 8 many years ago where I met lots of great new friends and caught the costume bug.

I'll choose costumes because I like the design, or the character's personality, or my friends need an extra group member. Sometimes the character is like me, sometimes they're nothing like me, it can be fun to act differently sometimes!

My main goal with costumes is budgeting. Over the years I've ammassed a horde of fabric yet still I was buying more for new plans, so I've vowed to buy no more and pick costumes using mostly this stash and recycling of old costumes. It's added some interesting challenges and I'm learning a lot about being more efficient and less wasteful in my craft work.

I love looking back at my earlier cosplays and seeing where I've impoved along the way, you don't notice it so much as you go. Wonder what I'll be able to do in the future :D

Contact Information