About Me

So far, the only things I actually seem to get done are the props. XD Oh dear. I know that there's not much point in only having props, but they (for me) are a lot easier to make inbetween homework, lectures etc and don't involve making lots of space, finding/buying fabric and measuring stuff out.

So far I have completed Russia (from Axis Powers Hetalia) and Ace (from Final Fantasy Type-0).

I am in the progress of making Aqua (from Birth by Sleep) as one of several cosplays planned for next year. I have also kinda started my Ema Skye cosplay as I recently gave in and bought a lab coat from my uni shop XD

I think that the best thing I've made to date would be Mugen, Kanda's sword from D.Gray-man. Completely made of cardboard, complete with sheath and can be drawn! I absolutely love it! I've also made a mini Lavi's hammer (also from D.Gray-man), a Kingdom Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts, and the shiny gold bracelet in Apollo Justice as worn by him.

I did also hand-sew a felt Timcampy for my best friend for her birthday present and it was to scale. I miss Tim.