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Name : Amy
Website :!/pages/Acoustica-Photography/357414863955?ref=ts
Location : Edinburgh
Date of Birth : 22nd April 1989
Age : 28

Personal Bio

I am a cosplayer and a photographer.
I like taking photos of cosplay but noone has given her much time to do so! This is all about to change. I started doing photos for a group called cosplay scotland and I am going to be attending more conventions so keep a keen eye out for me!

looking to model for me then that would be a bonus!
ways to get hold of me:
facebook fan page!/pages/Acoustica-Photography/357414863955?ref=ts

Cosplay Bio

just really breaking into the cosplay world. Done one or two cosplays but nothing that was really worth putting up on the net. This time rounds I have a job and the monies and is gonna give it my all :D

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Cosplayers I have worked with:
Jestar -
Takage -
Sasashie -
Luka Megurine -
Plummer -