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Been cosplaying since May 2007 and got the bug from the love of the idea of dressing up and my friend Sam =^__^= My first cosplay was a FF12 Moogle ...the less we talk about that the better. It was F A I L to the Extreme. Will revisit that cosplay though. Do it better this time.

Dream Cosplay?! Evil Question. Red XIII! That'll be fab to make that outfit. Chiyo-Chan penguin style is also another that I'd like to make. Oooh! Then theres Rikku! I'd love to cosplay her Trainer outfit (FFX-2). Though due to the possibility of immense discomfort and awkwardness as well as the threat of having my lunch stolen, I doubt I could get away with carrying an oversized monkey on my head....

Have some plans for 2015 which include the Queen of Hearts as well as having some surprises up my sleeve. :3

My most memorable cosplays were Peeeeach, Maleficent and Quina!
Quina was so much fun and Princess Peach. I loved dressing as her, every part of it was fun. Fun to make, Fun to wear and fun to beat peoples butts on SSB Brawl at the same time. =^__^= Couldn't walk either without being stopped for hugs or photos!!!

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