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I first became aware of cosplay in 2009. The local bookshop held a geeks night and it was there I discovered it. Until recently it has not been something that has been of huge interest to me.
It has taken me a long time to develop and progress my skills, and I am still very much at the beginner stage. I get frustrated because I feel my cosplays are not up to the standard I want them to be.
I take a long time to make my cosplays as I work very slowly and tend to mess stuff up and end up redoing it (especially sewing!). This is why I have so few complete costumes. I like to make my own cosplays or buy items of clothing from charity shops and alter them. I do not like sewing, I would rather do the prop building than sewing.
I also tend to leave things to the last minute. Rarely will I have a costume complete with time to spare before a convention, mainly due to a lack of confidence in my own abilities. But I will get there.....eventually.

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These are the boots I have, got them in beige and stained them with coffee.


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