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ryaokiKotetsu Isane23 November, 2008 - 17:06
GOD I LOVE ISANE youve done this costume justice yey
bretwalda1Kotetsu Isane11 October, 2008 - 11:01
A fellow vice captain, we must get a photo together! Im in the process of making zabimaru at the moment! have all the rest done apart from that and the tatoos how about you?
Black-Cat-1Ise Nanao1 September, 2008 - 18:01
your costume looks awesome! ^.^
ryaokiKotetsu Isane1 June, 2008 - 12:41
omg my favourite vice captain do it do it do it
Odd-One-OutIse Nanao20 May, 2008 - 16:29
The book is so clever :O

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