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0-o-sweetiez-o-0Sawada Tsunayoshi23 May, 2011 - 23:40
Oh my, I can't...stop...looking. Seriously you are one of the best Tsunas I have EVER seen and that's a LOT of Tsuna cosplayers trust me. <3 You are just perfect for him.
NaRuToDarKsIdESawada Tsunayoshi5 May, 2011 - 12:36
nice wig :D
0-o-sweetiez-o-0Sawada Tsunayoshi1 May, 2011 - 21:26
LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! You make such an adorable Tsuna! Just how he is supposed to be. Seriously, LOVE YOU. x
My__RoadOfBloodSawada Tsunayoshi29 April, 2011 - 09:33
I can tell you're gonna suit him so much! :) The wig looks lovely! <3

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