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Cosplaying for me happened about 4 years ago. A friend of mine told me about mcm expo and asked if I would like to go with them. They told me to cosplay...and my response at the time was, 'what the heck is cosplay?'

I've always LOVED fancy dress! and cosplay is basically a more epic version of that.

So cosplay me was born with a semi-accurate version of Lady from Devil May Cry. I went for just the one day and vowed I would be back, and be more awesome next time.

Since then I have been gradually improving. I'm by no means a pro, but I love it.

I have done allmagimations of steam and cyber punk, anime, and gaming characters. I have even cross-played once...though I must admit, I never intend to do so again, the pain of having my bust strapped down all day was worse than any heels I've ever had to wear hee hee

My Misty cosplay was very popular when I first used it so it became a tradition that 1 day of MCM expo each year I would wear it again, this year was the last, so i shall be hanging up the orange hair and red braces in favour of my crowing achievment: 'Mad Moxxi - Borderlands 2!'

I run a free hugs campaign each year, 3 days, 3 cosplays, 3 free hugs signs. With Moxxi's help this year i reached an incredible 1333 hugs across the weekend! the cosplay was so popular and I got so many wonderful comments that I decided I had to cosplay her again.

so there we are, me and the story of my cosplay

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sohlawolf - Cheshire Cat - 13th June 2013


Ok so I have a lot of work to do before next year and this time I promised I would start early.

So today's work is simple; the design stage.

+ Sketch Pad
+ Mech Pencil

and away we go, 2 designs so far and I definatley prefer the second one.

I'm going to need to colour my hair for this one but I only want a one day wash out colour, any tips? my hair is a mix of dark/light brown so not sure how well purple will show up?

anyway that's all for now ^^


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