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I love dressing up, I don't do it often though since I cant really afford it.. My first time cosplaying I was really awkward and wasn't sure what to do, also I had my big sister and her friends with me, so I didn't have much freedom and it was really strange for them.

So this year will be my second time, but I will seem to be in my normal clothing so I wont be as noticeable on the train home.. (Yeah packed train dressed as Haruhi Suzumiya looked quite odd).

Also I love cosplaying and going expos because everyone shares the same love and excitement for fandoms and shows and stuff. It's a lovely feeling and its so nice to be in the same room with people like that. Its wonderful to see all the amazing costumes too and what the place has to offer.

If you see me feel free to say hi and talk to me, as long as I'm not busy! Such as last time I was buying a poster and a guy wanted a picture, so I had to drop everything and go over.. So only when suitable, thanks! :)

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sarahg12 - Clara Oswald - 30th May 2013

My dress is here!!

It literately just arrived an hour ago, I was worrying it wasn't going to fit but it does and its longer than what Clara's dress is!
I'm a little worried that it doesn't look that much like Clara's dress because my sister commented saying 'It looks nothing like her dress!'
But the colour does, the style does, it just isn't a replicate. Since Clara's dress has a pattern on it and has a long backing on it.

So hopefully it is reconisgable, also all I need now is the eagle necklace and to find some boots (my sister has something similar), also I may need to cut my hair.. Glad I've got my stuff early instead of running round last minute like last time, since my Haruhi Suzumiya costume took 2 weeks to come and it was less than a month away to the Expo..

If someone is reading this could you let me know what they think of the dress, does it look alike to Clara's?? Thanks, may not update for a while now.. We'll see. ;)


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