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Spiderwoman V2 Latex (Original )
Marvel Comics
Bombalerina (Bomba) (London)
Alita (Original Latex)
Battle Angel Alita
Celty (Original Latex)

Recently Received Comments

Raye-chanCray11 April, 2012 - 07:41
Can't wait to see this!
WhiteWraithCelty6 February, 2012 - 22:40
Wow! I love this! The helmet is amazing :)
Captain_MarvelousSamus23 January, 2012 - 04:29
Love Love Love it!
FablesSamus23 January, 2012 - 04:26
Wow, I didn't know you did Samus! You look awesome :)
NomesCheetara22 January, 2012 - 21:45
Fantastic! I love old-school cosplay!
SlimDefinitionSamus22 January, 2012 - 20:56
Ranma is right you know. ;-)
Ranma1-2Samus22 January, 2012 - 19:50
Great work. Your albums show you are not just a good photographer but also a good cosplayer. ;) esp impressed with your mtf technique/under costume engineering. Shows that crossplay can be done very successfully with enough determination. Well done. :)
eastasiangeekCheetara22 January, 2012 - 14:38
wow cheetara <3 this is like AWESOME! love thundercats <3
SlimDefinitionSamus21 January, 2012 - 23:17
I really like you in this. Great job.
SlimDefinitionSpiderWoman V121 January, 2012 - 23:03
One question... How did you get up there on that roof? XD It's a great costume.
SlimDefinitionCray21 January, 2012 - 23:01
This will be awesome! Looking forward to it.

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