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Recently Received Comments

nanaharaAsami Sato5 April, 2014 - 21:32
you make an AMAZING looking Asami, wish I'd seen this at Kita
GettiAsami Sato5 April, 2014 - 15:19
It was amazing spotting you at Kita! You make such a pretty Asami.
kevmayhemMirai Kuriyama13 February, 2014 - 12:24
Really looking forward to seeing this!!
SolariaMirai Kuriyama9 January, 2014 - 12:15
HeorotNia Teppelin22 September, 2013 - 17:31
What a cute and unusual version of Nia! I'm gonna be Yoko with my friends as Kamina and Simon; we're planning on meeting up with a Space Yoko for pics so you're welcome to join us ^^
FelixizeChrista Renz24 June, 2013 - 21:38
You're gonna look so cute *w*
JyagaimoChrista Renz24 June, 2013 - 01:22
YESSSS! (I'm being Zoe there, there can be titan spazzing!!)
JyagaimoJunko Enoshima14 June, 2013 - 15:00
You are the best dangle rumpus!!!
WhiteWraithInori Yuzuriha11 June, 2013 - 17:57
This is absolutely amazing! You really suit her :)
amecosJunko Enoshima24 April, 2013 - 18:37
Oh my, you look absolutely fantastic as Junko! :D
-Junko Enoshima10 April, 2013 - 17:45
You looked adorable in this Rach!
StormeJunko Enoshima31 March, 2013 - 02:27
All the Dangan Ronpa love!
JyagaimoJunko Enoshima22 January, 2013 - 06:15
...;-; sakura love omg
JyagaimoSonia Nevermind22 January, 2013 - 06:15
ohmygod yesssss ;v; you'll suit this so well ahhhh~
puzzledpenguinTy Lee20 November, 2012 - 21:57
Very cute and in character. :)
Princess Aurora20 November, 2012 - 21:03
Lovin' the swirly fringe! :D
Ty Lee20 November, 2012 - 21:01
Aww, so cute. You make a good Ty-lee. :)
tteugeoJunko Enoshima3 November, 2012 - 18:20
oh my god YES JUNKO! danganronpa is so amazing, I am so tempted by the idea of a kirigiri cosplay but knowing me it probably would not be for like... another five years ; v ;
BladeyCakesTy Lee1 November, 2012 - 10:53
You looked adorable as Ty Lee <3 8D Great cosplay!
eternal_aranelTy Lee31 October, 2012 - 19:44

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