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Kinda cosplayed at London October Expo but I wasn't very good or recognisable (Kurenai from PS2 game Red Ninja: Edge of Honour). But now I've signed up for Amecon and got to know some other people that do it too I can't wait!!!

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perfectly_purple - Flora - 27th March 2011

No Boots

Ack couldn't find any boots I liked but I will keep trying. I've been meaning to get some new ones anyone so it's an excuse to buy some really nice ones - just a shame it's in spring/summer and so there aren't many places selling boots. *sigh*

I did acquire a £4 plain white top in BHS and I'm going to unpick the sleeves and attach them to the dress. Score!

Then some handsewing and done.

I'm on the hunt for some puzzles to carry round with me as well ^_^


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