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Wah idk.
Gumi Megpoid was my first ever cosplay, Ciel, Misaki, Finny, Rin, Karkat~
Planning on doing Roxas and Karkat in the future~
Crossplay is probably my strong and weak point... I guess... I can't like, do really mannish people, being 5ft and babyfaced means only cute boys for me ;3; Wah ah well, any questions ask me~ x

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nyanyanringochan - Roxas - 1st February 2013

Coat turned up~

I'd love to thank 'Michi-Agogo' or DemDem or Lucy or whatever you want to call that kawaii woman for selling me her gorgeous coat!
It's so perfect and fits amazingly!
It has pockets but it's so hot and heavy ;3;
It's perfect though, all I need now is a wig~


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