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Recently Received Comments

DeppalikeUKKoshi Rikudo14 September, 2012 - 19:40
Dude, this is CLASS.. I love it
ManticoreTomitake Jirou16 August, 2012 - 12:37
Cosmic⋆StarProfessor Hershel Layton12 March, 2012 - 23:16
You make an awesome Layton, and that cosplay description is win!
Ranma1-2Kimura-sensei19 January, 2012 - 23:52
Your tutorial and mask making method really inspired me to try the lifecast method for myself, cheers! Keep up with your mask making cosplays - youre really doing a great job. :)
Marisa-ChanDirk the Daring28 November, 2011 - 22:24
Awesome cosplay! I used to love this game ^.^
No thanksProfessor Hershel Layton6 August, 2011 - 23:54
How did i miss this? Im actually in love with this xD
CharmingTenshiProfessor Hershel Layton25 July, 2011 - 23:35
awsome!! <33
AlyxKimura-sensei27 June, 2011 - 10:58
HAHAHA! Amazing!! <33333333
BlinxPurple Tentacle16 March, 2011 - 17:48
This is amazing~
ManjouPurple Tentacle9 March, 2011 - 01:26
I have such vivid memories of how awesome this costumes was, great to see it again :)
SephirayneTomitake Jirou23 February, 2011 - 17:54
This is so awesome. :D Love the photos.
StormeDirk the Daring12 January, 2011 - 14:37
This is awesome! Love this game, wish I'd spotted you. :D
DuskatNightPurple Tentacle20 December, 2010 - 13:36
PezKimura-sensei24 September, 2010 - 14:18
ROTFL. Utter brilliance!
Bambi.Kimura-sensei18 August, 2010 - 18:52
OMG!! Kimura Sensei!! This is amazing! He's such an awesome character! Well done!(Y)
Lulu RoseJango the Hypnotist12 August, 2010 - 00:12
I demand a video of you doing the Jango dance......I shant be happy until I see this.
Lulu RoseRob Lucchi12 August, 2010 - 00:09
That pigeon is the best pigeon, if all pigeons were like that then pigeons would be awesome....I wonder if I can say pigeon one more time........pigeon.
No thanksNozomu Itoshiki30 July, 2010 - 16:08
*foam* LOOOVE Itoshiki! <3
seawaterwitchKoinosuke Odago23 July, 2010 - 08:48
So CUTE!!!!! I love the anime and you're perfect ^^b
MADALEENADirk the Daring23 July, 2010 - 07:36
OMG I lovied playing that game on the CD-i so funny, you look so awesome!! I wished Id seen you.

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