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I haven't been cosplaying that long, if you could call it that, I'm more into the fursuiting aspect.
My very first cosplay was Itachi from Naruto, which wasn't that great, and then did a Hidan cosplay.
Then I got into the furry fandom and discovered fursuits and made my first, Vulpix, which was rushed and again wasn't that great, but I'm proud of it.
I like to fursuit cuz I like to make people smile and spread happiness. Some people may find it weird, but I really enjoy it.

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mavvy75 - Fluttershy knight - 24th May 2013

Fluttershy will debut at MCM 2013!


The Fluttershy fursuit is about 95% finished.

omfg you don’t believe how fucking proud and amazed and just afgsdfd I am at nearing completion of this damn project.

Just need to make the mane, finish off the bottom of the legs, making the nose and cutie mark and then it’s finished.



I didn’t think it would, but my dad has been working so hard to try and get it done in time and omg I am so proud of him. It looks fucking amazing. Like seriously I just want to cry.

I’ve got photos of me wearing the whole thing with the armour, but I’m not sure whether to upload it yet cuz it’s looking a bit scruffy cuz I rushed putting it on and also it’s unfinished so yeah I don’t think I will until I’ve completely finished it.

But yeah. It’s going to get done in time for the expo :D


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