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WhiteWraithLia de Beaumont7 December, 2012 - 09:30
Your cosplay is gorgeous, looks great :3
Lady-AiraVera Misham30 September, 2011 - 18:28
That's an awesome Vera ^^ You totally suit the costume! It looks fab :D well done!
j_mercuryukLia de Beaumont8 February, 2011 - 01:01
Oh, awesome. I look forward to seeing you there
j_mercuryukLia de Beaumont7 February, 2011 - 19:45
Awesome. Do you know what event you'll be doing these for
j_mercuryukLia de Beaumont7 February, 2011 - 16:21
Oohhh, a L'Chavier D'eon cosplay :D this will be cool to see

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