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Recently Received Comments

Princess_ClogsRei Hino6 March, 2015 - 20:13
Looks really good! :)
DarkVampirePrincess1994Rainbow Dash21 August, 2014 - 09:06
omg what did you use to do rainbow dash¨S wings
InfiniteJesterMakoto Kino19 June, 2014 - 15:29
You make an awesome Jupiter, totally spot on!
Siouxsie JamesMakoto Kino5 June, 2014 - 07:46
You make a great Jupiter!
SephirayneMakoto Kino28 April, 2014 - 21:56
This is looking fantastic.
SuperZeldaGirlRei Hino20 April, 2014 - 20:25
This looks awesome, I love it.
DarkShodowOwnerRyuko Matoi10 April, 2014 - 15:31
The Scissors are amazing so is your cosplay
Pippin4242Sniper Wolf3 April, 2014 - 16:56
I still can't get over how spectacularly you managed to pull off the hair and make-up! The hair is uncannily realistic. WOW.
InfiniteJesterEva Beatrice23 March, 2014 - 14:07
This looks lovely!
KiraraYumiEva Beatrice23 March, 2014 - 13:13
Super gorgeous, amazing work!
Frederica la NoirEva Beatrice2 March, 2014 - 13:10
Beautifully executed :) love the detailing and that prop is sublime :) x
PandoraCaitiffAlice16 February, 2014 - 21:57
Wonderfully iconic. Great job. (And I love the picture with the Cheshire Cat. Your expression is priceless!)
NesabiYoko Littner/Ritona18 January, 2014 - 18:22
Absolutely stunning Yoko. :)
Siouxsie JamesMakoto Kino17 January, 2014 - 20:07
Progress looks wonderful so far :)
nanaharaJulia13 January, 2014 - 21:08
nice one, what night you doing this since I'm hoping to try and get Vicious done for Saturday night of Kita
ZelvyneAlice3 January, 2014 - 23:31
This is looking great :) I love the blue colour you've got it, and the apron looks fab
InfiniteJesterAlice2 January, 2014 - 23:52
Looking great so far!
ChibiMatsuNoel Vermillion2 December, 2013 - 18:07
NICE NOEL!!!!!! wait!October 2013.......... mcm expo :-( missed out
Rainbow_PandaNoel Vermillion29 September, 2013 - 11:19
Oooh I'm soo looking forward to this <3 xx I'll keep an eye out for you x our group atm is Kokonoe, Litchi and Ragna x we're looking to get together all BlazBlue cosplayers for a shoot on Sat if you're interested? I'll put a post on the forums
Rainbow_PandaNoel Vermillion29 September, 2013 - 10:02
Aww <3 Noel Vermillion <3 you look stunning

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