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ryaoki"weird" Al Yankovix4 August, 2009 - 16:18
absolutely amazing weird al lmao
lellow manAdon22 July, 2009 - 13:24
I've managed to enlist the help of the talented SephNoir to creat the hair. which is a huge weight off my mind.
DefrainDevilman22 July, 2009 - 07:54
again nice choice gotta love devilman
DefrainAdon22 July, 2009 - 07:53
good choice good choice
TioMachAdon22 July, 2009 - 03:05
Adon rocks [as his background music proves]! Such a great character, goodluck with the hair.
lellow manAdon15 July, 2009 - 01:16
I love the character, just the hair is being a bitch to make.
Son GopaulAdon14 July, 2009 - 23:03
Me neither. Is this for our Street Fighter group? If not, feel free to join in on the fun!
Berserk667Adon14 July, 2009 - 22:33
ADON! dude he is one of my fave characters. I can't wait to see this!

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