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I first got interested in cosplay thanks to the cosplay group "JAC Productions". They've been on hiatus for/have split up about a few years now, but I still regard them as my main influence :] Since then I've cosplayed quite a bit, spent all my money and made so many awesome friends. Cosplay is amazing!

To date, I haven't really been *proud* of any of my cosplays, there's nothing amazing about them :3 But even so, it's so fun to run around as my favourite characters!

My most expensive cosplay so far is Sephiroth - but I didn't make it XD I'm planning to remake the pauldrons at some point though.

My favourite cosplay so far is probably Kurogane. This is probably because I had so much fun being him, despite his grumpiness! I have an awesome Fai [Skyla] and Kamui [x-Blade-x] to mess around with too. Not only that, but Vic Mignogna himseld said it was awesome XD Meeting and talking to Vic Mignogna is also a personal highlight for me since I started cosplaying.

I have a personal goal to achieve; to cosplay as many versions of Kurogane as I can! Mainly for photoshoot/competition purposes though, as I doubt his artwork/alternative clothing will get me recognised as Kurogane :)

As of April 2010, I have taken the decision to temporarily stop all cosplay due to the lack of time and money. As soon as the money situation improves, I will take myself off hiatus and get to work.

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ladywhitetiger - Arthur Pendragon - 21st October 2010

So I'm feeling a bit down about this cosplay right now.

Just spent the day dying my material, only to have the pieces come out different shades of brown each time. One's the shade i want - BROWN, one has a pink tinge and one has a yellow/green tinge. I bought another dye which is on the way, but if that doesn't work then I'm actually going to cry, I've spent so much on this coat trying to get it right and nothing has gone right yet :( if the fabric shop sent me the right shade of material in the first place, this wouldn't be happening :(

Am hoping I'll have more luck with my shirt tomorrow, but at the rate I'm going, I'll screw that up too.

Not only that, but my boots are a bit too small so they ruin my feet everytime I wear them.

Fml. This cosplay is going to be shit.


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