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BladeyCakesArthur Pendragon18 April, 2012 - 16:58
HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG <3 My Arthur is a sexy Arthur indeed ;D Have added Merlin and am literally more than happy to do him whenever you'd like~ Heck, I'll probably have him done even before you want him xD I'mnotobsessed,whatareyoutalkingabout? Also stalking UK events for signs of the Merlin cast appearing... best I've found so far is Uther. SORCERY!!
BladeyCakesKotetsu Kaburagi7 July, 2011 - 14:12
EMI. EMI. EMI. 8D MAH BABIES. HAVE THEM?! So much love to Kotetsu~ <3333 You will have such a fanboy-photobombing-spacky Ivan ;D (if you guys want one~ <3)
FuriePhoenixSam Winchester5 December, 2010 - 19:04
you...are... EPIC!!!!!! SPN fangirl here, I didnt think I would get results searching supernatural on here but low and behold there was! You look great as Sammy!
WhatsersCosplayArthur Pendragon30 September, 2010 - 21:51
That's completely AWESOME. Can't wait to see pics!
Valentine_xArthur Pendragon29 September, 2010 - 18:41
¬3¬ Be nice or I shall revoke your hat fondling rights. . . -spackaatandclings-

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