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Recently Received Comments

White TigressBrienne of Tarth27 April, 2015 - 23:11
Excellent choice! I really am looking forward to seeing this!
stargirl_rhiBrienne of Tarth16 April, 2015 - 20:44
Excited for this! I will be Margaery on one of the days!
InfiniteJesterSophie18 January, 2015 - 18:25
Stunning work! You're perfect as her!
KiraraYumiSophie18 January, 2015 - 15:31
Whoa, amazing cosplay! *o* Those sleeves are especially majestic!
GettiSophie17 January, 2015 - 10:17
You are the best human being on the planet. Such a beautiful Sophie!
ArcaneArcheryBrothers - Sacred14 January, 2015 - 20:35
Awesome, you don't often see these characters cosplayed.
MungojerrieBrothers - Sacred14 January, 2015 - 20:33
This is so awesome! Love it :D
InfiniteJesterSophie17 August, 2014 - 19:57
Oh wow, can't wait to see this! Such a great character and I never see her cosplayed!
WhiteWraithAragorn21 July, 2013 - 09:56
Looks great :)
Stik_ManAragorn21 July, 2013 - 09:15
Good job folks!
carsecAragorn17 May, 2013 - 19:00
thanks for you comment. This is looking very nice so far, would love to see it done. the dwarf would be great too, wich is your favorite?
Reagen_WingedQueen Brahne Raza Alexandros XV8 May, 2013 - 15:32
Gonna have to get pics of this, wish I was bringing my Freya to Ayacon now :(
otakugirlQueen Beryl3 May, 2013 - 20:25
Wow I love this cosplay so much
Mr. Sat-AshQueen Beryl3 May, 2013 - 17:36
Sweet. Never seen a Queen Beryl.
Siouxsie JamesQueen Beryl3 May, 2013 - 09:05
Nice Queen Beryl costume ^^
TrixieToberMama Toad2 May, 2013 - 22:29
this sounds amazing, really original and I love Mama toad!!
WhiteWraithQueen Beryl26 March, 2013 - 22:19
Wig looks good! Can't wait to see this complete :)
J-PoQueen Brahne Raza Alexandros XV26 March, 2013 - 21:43
really cant wait to see this XD
Siouxsie JamesQueen Amidala8 March, 2013 - 08:51
Such an amazing costume!
Siouxsie JamesKiki8 March, 2013 - 08:50
Let me know if you cosplay this at a con, I adore Kiki ^^ personally, this was both my first Ghibli film and the first ever cosplay that I ever made, I have a special place in my heart for Kiki cosplayers!! I'm sure you'll look adorable! You have to get a Jiji :)

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