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My fav cosplay characters are the eccentric types, stylish types, or what ever i fancy a try at

so far i've tried is:
Twilight Link
Beyond The Grave
El Fuerte - greatest moment evar! >;D!
Black star
Lt Surge
Soul "Eater" Evans - black blood ver

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kirato - Kite - 25th February 2011

Okay its official...

I will bring kite to Kitacon. minus the weapons. but everything else is game. I just decided I need time and practice to work on how to make the weapons and electronics and how to detach and reattach it to each other. I know the initial plan for that but it just didnt feel quite sturdy enough and seeing as there may be a few people being all hands on (oh god I want to punch people sometimes) so i shall be remaking the hat i had. didnt seem "poofy" enough. and the coat is still in its bits and pieces just need to make some more things to attach on to it, giving it a +10 smexy 8D. anyway good day and good night


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