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*I'm pretty much on a cosplay hiatus, still alive and still unsure if I truly want to be in the hobby or not*
Life has moved on very much, I'm still unsure over cosplaying.

I've been sewing since i was 4/5 and over the years have developed a huge range of skills. Cosplay was the perfect way to combine my love of making things and being creative with my love of anime/manga/games/shiny outfits from various sources.

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infinitydragon - Utsuho Reiuzi - 4th June 2010


I've actualy been sort of already making this costume for about a year.
See, I'm using my real hair for her, since I keep it in an identical style and dye it black anyway; I realised getting a wig that looked like my real hair was kind of pointless.
But when I decided I was going to make her, it wasn't long enough, so I;ve been growing it out to as long as I can get it.
I wanted to do this anyway, but she gave me that little extra push.
After a year its gone from just above bra strap length to just on waist length.

I'd like it at least tailbone length by this time next year.


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