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Prior to 2003, I mostly just dressed up for halloween or performances in school or after school activities. The only halloween outfits I remember are a witch, kwik fit fitter, Tuxedo Mask (wore twice in 2003) and a chinese dress (wore at college in 2006). The only performance outfit I remember is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

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empress_donna - Kurisu Makise - 8th September 2019

Everything arrived yesterday!

I'll be honest that this was sort of a late minute plan to do this year, originally was thinking about it last year but never went through with it.

Because of that, I've just bought bits and bobs from Amazon and a wig from coscraft which all arrived yesterday and i just tried everything on (apart from wig) today and it fits fine.

The only things that won't be perfect are:-

1) The tie because I bought a clip-on one for easy for use for myself
2) I'm not going to be wearing the shorts + tights combo, I'm substituting it with black trousers.
3) Shoes, I'm just using a pair of black boots I own.

When I re-do this, I'll probably try to do it closer to the source material but as a simple thing that should be obvious who I am, this works :).


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