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steph1060Ixion7 December, 2010 - 03:57
oh ohoh! howthe dickens did you do the hoovs?
steph1060Ixion7 December, 2010 - 03:57
this looks brillient! and you pulled it off so well! how did you do it? though of doing any tutorials?
agiBayonetta Hair Demon7 February, 2010 - 22:06
So unbelievably epic! I'll have a root in the fabric box and see what I can find for donations :)
montblancBayonetta Hair Demon7 February, 2010 - 22:00
! awesome... I need to hire you to follow me around when i'm being bayonetta :D
SephirayneKadaj26 November, 2009 - 03:40
Love your Kadaj. Love Mother's box *strokes*
FairyPorchQueenIxion17 September, 2009 - 21:00
Luxray19 August, 2009 - 18:35
I kept seeing you around but never got close enough to say hi!!! ): You looked epic! x
GAINAXLuxray13 August, 2009 - 19:17
*shines his pokeballs* >.>
GAINAXLuxray12 August, 2009 - 17:51
Awesome work! :D Where are you debuting this? I'd love to see the finished thing!
KestralLuxray8 August, 2009 - 20:42
All that fur looks awesome! Can't wait to see the whole thing =]
Arami HeartillyItaly (Northern)3 August, 2009 - 22:18
Your costume is so cool - I like the little curl on the side of your head. It was good to see you too - are you coming to Aya?
kittyLuxray13 May, 2009 - 22:47
awwww, cute paw <3 cant wait to see more of this ^^
PKNIVESItaly (Northern)29 April, 2009 - 19:20
...ACE! x
RosiaelItaly (Northern)22 March, 2009 - 23:48
Thanks for letting me know, I look forward to seeing your North Italy! It's looking good. And don't worry, they are a nice bunch. By the way, do you by any chance live near London? ^^
InoItaly (Northern)14 March, 2009 - 23:59
Wow, the uniform looks fab! ^__^
AmethystEyesItaly (Northern)10 March, 2009 - 12:57
MissytetraIxion10 March, 2009 - 12:51
I rememebr seeing this in the masquerade, you guys looked really awesome! The detail on the horn is beautiful and I think you did a very good job- especially since there were so many fursuits that appeared at AmeCon! You stood out, and congrats on the two-person idea, it certainly must have been difficult! ^^
RosiaelItaly (Northern)13 February, 2009 - 01:13
If you are going to the May London Expo, there will be a HUGE Hetalia group gathering. :D http://www.mcmexpogroup.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=223&t=10326&start=0
HotshotShanItaly (Northern)11 February, 2009 - 20:15
Yes! N. Italy is so adorable this will be so cool!
Taffeta_RoseLuxray28 September, 2008 - 10:18
Epic spikes! And light up eyes too. Awesome. Looking forward to seeing this, when is it planned for?

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