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steph1060Ixion7 December, 2010 - 03:57
oh ohoh! howthe dickens did you do the hoovs?
steph1060Ixion7 December, 2010 - 03:57
this looks brillient! and you pulled it off so well! how did you do it? though of doing any tutorials?
agiBayonetta Hair Demon7 February, 2010 - 22:06
So unbelievably epic! I'll have a root in the fabric box and see what I can find for donations :)
montblancBayonetta Hair Demon7 February, 2010 - 22:00
! awesome... I need to hire you to follow me around when i'm being bayonetta :D
SephirayneKadaj26 November, 2009 - 03:40
Love your Kadaj. Love Mother's box *strokes*

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