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I've been dabbling in cosplaying since I started college, the best part of a decade ago now, when we went to a carnival in Cologne and I dressed up as the Human Torch. Putting together the costume was simple, but the final touches involved lighting my hand on fire and the experiment with pyrotechnics turned me on to the more theatrical aspects of cosplay. Helpful for someone with no practical skills!

Years later my job allows me to share my love of cosplay with my students and provides me with a constant stream of events to dress up for! Personal highlights of my cosplay experiments include Captain America and Booster Gold, though my first proper costume was Jake Muller, debuted at MCM May 2013. I say proper in the sense that as few corners as possible were cut and I was completely happy with it, which I can't say about any of the others. I taught myself some basic stage makeup for it and ended up on Capcom UK's Facebook page, I can't really say any more proper than that.^^

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dysc - Jake Muller - 28th May 2013

Post-Con Thoughts

Okay, so, that was amazing. I've never been part of a group cosplay, and never been part of a photoshoot before! I didn't get to do some of the stuff I wanted to do (get my Mass Effect signed, catch up with a few friends) but I got to spend three hours getting my photo taken with the other Resident Evil cosplayers and met some great new people! I even ended up on the Capcom UK Facebook page, how cool is that?

Major things I learnt from this MCM:
1. Fiddling with my makeup once it's already set is generally not a good idea, so I need to be very careful with it. People were generally impressed with it though, so that's definitely a positive.
2. The costume is a cruel mistress, and just because she breaks before you leave the house is no guarantee she won't break again at the service station. I managed to repair it with sellotape, paperclips and Moonlighthope28's tiny hands, but I need to look at a more permanent solution before I wear it next.
3. You can take three batteries with you, but if your phone suddenly stops working that was just a waste of effort. I don't really know how to correct this one.
4. There are still a few minor tweaks I want to do for future wearing- a better leather leg-strap for the holster is definitely one of them, as are straps for the jacket and boots. Just the few minor touches that will come after repairing the braces and should finally put me up to 100%.


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