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Beetlejuice (Female version)
Ida Fey Russeton
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Thief II: The Metal Age
Maggey Byrde (Security Guard/Street Clothes)
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

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ArcaneArcheryGarrett14 June, 2015 - 22:02
Fantastic costume from probably my favourite game series. It's so rare to see Garret cosplayed and you've done a great job on this.
NumtaGarrett22 May, 2012 - 16:02
You make an amazing Garrett! Can't believe its taken me this long to stumble across it again! lol =D
NumtaBeetlejuice22 May, 2012 - 15:58
that is amazing! Such a great design wowzer! =D
KarakulzIda Fey Russeton19 May, 2012 - 22:38
Im sooo gonna look out for this! Its fantastic! ^^
FizzykatIda Fey Russeton12 May, 2012 - 22:53
minato_harunaBeetlejuice6 May, 2012 - 18:55
Love the hat!
ThePheasantHasNoAgendaIda Fey Russeton25 April, 2012 - 16:06
Amazing, the hat is awesome! And I love 'Harold'!!
donnamevansBeetlejuice23 April, 2012 - 21:18
Thank you so much magigreen!
magigreenBeetlejuice23 April, 2012 - 21:15
Absolutely amazing. Well done xx
louisaluluSudowoodo26 August, 2011 - 11:15
OMG! I remember hugging you at the Telford Expo, I didn't realise it was tavington from DA XD I love your work and I love this cosplay <3
CherushiiBunAlucard15 June, 2011 - 19:44
Wow, the shades are so well done X3
DefrainScorpion6 April, 2011 - 09:41
FINISH HIM. love it
nanaharaGarrett30 January, 2011 - 21:54
cooooool, this is so well done XD
donnamevansPrincess Sally Acorn30 January, 2011 - 19:53
Thank you Refira! No I haven't seen anyone in the UK do anything like this before either, or even in the States for that matter. I was planning on doing NICOLE in Lynx form this year, but I might have to see if I get to sell Sally first.
donnamevansGarrett30 January, 2011 - 19:39
Thanks Numta3! I'm just posting up some finished pictures now!
NumtaGarrett27 January, 2011 - 18:44
THIEF! This is truely epic! Well done! I wait with bated breath to see it finished!!!
RefiraPrincess Sally Acorn23 January, 2011 - 23:15
Yay! Sally! <3 I've never seen a cosplay of her before... Or any other SatAM characters to be honest... so it really is awesome to see this. And you even have Nicole! Shame I didn't get to see this in person. :) Great work. ^^
donnamevansGarrett19 January, 2011 - 20:13
Thank you! It's aaaalmost done now, but should be ready well in time for Midlands Expo!
CrazedteensieGarrett29 November, 2010 - 18:15
Amazing! I love those glowing arrows :D Can't wait to see it finished!
ManjouGarrett28 November, 2010 - 22:28
So it is! *yay* whomping guards was faaar too fun in thief XD

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