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Chibicon 2008
London MCM Expo May 2009
J-Culture Con 2009
London MCM Expo May 2010
London MCM Expo October 2010
J-Culture Con 2010
London MCM Expo May 2011
Manchester MCM Expo July 2011
London MCM Expo October 2011
J-Culture Con 2011
Manchester MCM Expo July 2012
The Midlands Anime and Manga Fan Event 2012
London MCM Expo May 2013
Manchester MCM Expo July 2013
Manchester MCM Expo July 2014
London MCM Expo May 2015
Minecon 2015
J-Culture Con 2015
Kitacon 2016
Manchester MCM Expo July 2016

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cowiee - Aqua - 23rd January 2017

Wig [bought] - Needs Styling

It was so hard trying to find a good wig colour but i settled for this one.
I bought 2 of the same wig as it'll need some more of the wig fibres on the wig base.


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