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I haven't been at the whole cosplay thing very long. My first ever convention was Expo May 2007 and I saw so many people there in Final Fantasy costume that I couldn't believe it! The whole experience blew my mind so much that I thought I might like to give it a go. The following year I went to Expo as Zell Dincht (Final Fantasy VIII). Although it wasn't exactly a fantastic costume (being my first attempt) I got recognised so many times and enjoyed it so much that I became totally hooked. I'm now working on a Vivi Orunitia (Final Fantasy IX) for the next Expo; I must be true cosplayer now because this time I'm insisting on every detail being perfect - colours, fabrics, dimensions etc. Looks like crossplaying the secondary FF characters are my thing - who knew? Next time I might go as Wakka (Final Fantasy X) but that could prove really difficult.

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