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I've been cosplaying for about two years now and it has become my life, I am constantly thinking of what I can make for my next costume and who I want to cosplay in the future, I remember sitting in maths with a friend deciding what we was going to wear to MCM for the first time - we decided on Adventure Time.
I think I must have been born a cosplayer because I had always liked dressing up and acting like my favourite characters. I found out about cosplay through searching for my favourite character. I immediately wanted to become a part of the cosplay community.

People I want to cosplay in the upcoming future;
-Princess Zelda
-Ken Kaneki
-Kyle Broflovski
-May/Brendan (Pokemon Sapphire/Ruby)

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blinks - Princess Zelda - 15th August 2014

Underskirt and Petticoat

Materials used;
-Thin Cotton Fabric
-Elasticated band
-Thread (colour does not matter.)
-Sowing Machine.

I bought tulle and a cheap poly-cotton material from my local market as well as an elasticated waistband. To begin with I measured my waist and doubled it by two (round it to the nearest metre or whatever unit of measurement you are using.) I then folded the poly-cotton in half and pinned it to my half way point of my waist band, I then found the 1/4th and 3/4th of the fabric and pinned that to my waistband too.
I then began to fold pleats in between these sections - making sure that all my pleats were in the same direction- until it was all pleated. I then sowed this down and repeated this will the tulle - however I doubled the amount of tulle I used in comparison to the amount of cotton I used to ensure that my petticoat would be larger.
I was originally going to use two petticoats however, I found that it made my skirt look too puffy and I removed one.
This does not mean however that you have to only use one petticoat, if you feel you want to give your dress more poof, feel free to add as many as you like!
Remember to add this to the same waistband so it does not bunch up around your waist and becomes noticeable under your dress.


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