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I love cosplay its something i've always liked dressing up and then when i got into anime and manga i always dreamed of wearing the outfits and began thinking how i would make them then one day someone told me about an event and it was my oppertunity to do it, i've never looked back with anything but pride on the fact that i did. i've always thought the first cosplay is always the hardest because you need the confidence to wear it and once you have you can set the bar higher and higher until your reaching for the sky!
i got started in 2006 with my first cosplay being Yue from CCS. i look back at that one and rememeber how proud of it iwas LOL.
i enjoy wearing the cosplay and meeting new people who share the same intrests, also traveling to an event in cosplay is awesome people come over and talk to you ramdomly and ask questions about your cosplay, its amazing XD
my proudest moment was ...... putting on that first cosplay XD
my greatest achievement is ....... it changes with everycosplay LOL

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blackorcid - The Fight. - 12th September 2013

after the tunic lining

Well things progressed pretty fast after the tunic lining. I managed after alot of hard work to line the inside of the blue tunic with white.
then added the collar and hemmed the sleeves.
All i have to do to the tunic now is add the Zip and the details :D


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