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dark_magician07Kyoraku Shunsui9 October, 2009 - 19:38
This will be the ultimate in epicness if you can find a Ukitake.
SephirayneHellboy3 June, 2009 - 17:12
Awesome Hellboy. The make-up looks really good.
Odd-One-Outprops22 February, 2009 - 18:19
Hey I didn't know you used my tut XD!! It is a great honour and looks perfect!
Captain_MarvelousKyoraku Shunsui16 January, 2009 - 12:19
My fave captain next to Zaraki ^.^
Captain_MarvelousHellboy15 December, 2008 - 10:25
Hey man i saw you at amecon 08 i think it might have been at one of the disco's or something ^.^ nice just nice

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