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I enjoy cosplay a Lot especially because I do it with my best friends =D cosplaying is a lot of fun for me, it's gives me chance to get away from college work and meet some new people. I got into cosplay when a friend of mine showed me what it was and we instantly went "we must do it" and ever since we've cosplayed even though I only have one cosplay right now I will have more and I cant wait to start my Jill Valentine cosplays she's an amazing character, kick's ass. The one cosplay I wanna Do Is Ciel Phantomhive I Recently Fell in love with Kuroshitsuji ((black butler)) and the outfits are so amazing!!

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ZombieNekoNinja - Tifa Lockhart - 30th March 2012

almost there wont be fully finished

woop!!! the mjority of this outfit is finished the detailing is missing but its recognisable...i hope to who the character is, i need to buy a wig, cowboy boots, and the belt but due to monety and time these will come at a later date. other than that everythin else is done!!! ooh also need to do the shirt but i have a white vest top to stand in


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