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Recently Received Comments

Siouxsie JamesMadam Mim30 April, 2014 - 08:51
Miiiiiiiiim!! so much YES for this <3
SephirayneMadam Mim28 April, 2014 - 21:57
Very cool. Can't wait to see this.
Kei Lin SamaSailor Moon (Usagi Tsukino)6 April, 2014 - 00:08
Very beautiful!
Pandora-ChiDark Magician Girl5 April, 2014 - 14:51
I absolutely adored your DMG! <3 You looked so cute as her!!
WhiteWraithDark Magician Girl5 April, 2014 - 14:00
Great costume, you really suit her :)
Ranma1-2Sailor Moon (Usagi Tsukino)28 March, 2014 - 20:25
You both look great!
SteamAndDustSailor Moon (Usagi Tsukino)27 March, 2014 - 17:18
Your Sailor Moon is so good!
Ashy-kunSailor Mercury (Ami Mizuno)9 September, 2013 - 23:09
Squee. ^^ I love the fact you're thinking of doing the goggles and mini computer.
Siouxsie JamesSailor Mercury (Ami Mizuno)9 September, 2013 - 21:11
Can't wait to see this!
SephirayneReno26 August, 2013 - 06:59
You make an awesome Reno. Love the photos from Ayacon.
ShadowofShinraReno21 August, 2013 - 20:47
You made a fantastic Reno ^^
nanaharaReno20 August, 2013 - 16:58
you where a great Reno ^^
CharlieDoryRoseSailor Moon (Usagi Tsukino)12 August, 2013 - 19:08
Ah! I saw you at Manchester Expo! You looked wonderful <3
EinmyriaSailor Moon (Usagi Tsukino)23 July, 2013 - 20:15
You are an absolutely perfect Sailor Moon!
SamanthaKaibaSailor Moon (Usagi Tsukino)23 July, 2013 - 08:34
You look fantastic and the colours are so bright but not in a bad way. Love it.
SephirayneReno14 June, 2013 - 19:07
Yay! Reno. Looking forward to seeing this.
dan-danTyson Granger14 June, 2013 - 12:02
you look awesome as Tyson I love your Beyblade group :D
HeorotDonald Duck8 June, 2013 - 00:16
So lovely that this trio cosplay is based on your friendship ^-^ You guys look great and that coke photo is jokes!
Ashy-kunSailor Moon (Usagi Tsukino)3 June, 2013 - 22:07
^o^ Such a lovely, cute Sailor Moon cosplay!
FreyaruleSailor Moon (Usagi Tsukino)3 June, 2013 - 20:44
You're such a gorgeous Sailor Moon! I love the costume so much *w*

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