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It started with being at a loose end and wanting something constructive to do with my time. First came Lloyd Asplund, then Leonard Testarossa and beyond!

I do enjoy being recognised for my achievements but much more than that its playing out characters I wish to represent, (mostly unusual characters) and have fun doing their quirks and mannerisms.

My greatest achievement was being recognised as Leonard Testarossa at Amecon.
One of my ambitions is to make a T-45 Power armour from Fallout 3. Its a long term project but Bring it on!!

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Zanzibar07 - Master Asia (The Undefeated of the East) - 9th July 2013

Sash completed

Thanks to a bit of free time I have finished making Master Asia's Sash/ Weapon/Head wrap. Using about 2.5 meters of cotton, folded lengthwise , I pinned, tacked and stitched around the entirety of the sash. Quite happy


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