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Odd-One-OutReborn4 June, 2009 - 18:07
Yup Nat, that is correct-o, I am that cool.
TeorauReborn23 October, 2008 - 13:59
haha love it :D
Mimi8DReborn22 October, 2008 - 23:44
OMGGG its reborn himself :D Ive been looking everywhere to fight you kufufufufu >;D
Mocha-BerrytanReborn4 August, 2008 - 20:22
The fact the mighty Pheebs is your sister makes you ultimate win already 8D
InoMonkey D. Luffy17 July, 2008 - 22:28
Whoohoo Luffy! He'd be so fun to cosplay :D Thanks for the comment on my Usopp costume - why no, of course I haven't been lying! Now, back to my crew of a million tough pirates ... *toddles off*
MangaChildReborn9 July, 2008 - 11:20
OMG you make this cos look tooo COOL for words!!! Please say you will wear it to a convention this year!!!
Odd-One-OutReborn7 July, 2008 - 19:20
Ciaossu has become your new phrase, yes?
Odd-One-OutReborn7 July, 2008 - 08:25
Yes, but your gun doesn't even fire hahaha LOSER.

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