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I have been cosplaying since October Expo 2008 where I did Yuuki from Vampire Knight. It was such a rubbish costume that I got off ebay. So bad that I just wanted to create my own, and so I did and I've never looked back. Being able to make costumes is just so much fun. I haven't made too many because of lack of opportunities but I really try to push myself to get better and do better costumes.

Since then I've made (in rough order) a
FF White Mage and accessories for the Black, Blue and Red Made (it was my first group cosplay) - London MCM Expo Oct 2008
Aerith (KH version) (...which was shiiiite so you'll NEVER see photos) - KH Birthday Party
Inara (Firefly) - GeekFest at Uni of Kent 2008
Simca (Air Gear) - London MCM Expo May 2009
Nausicaa - London MCM Expo May 2009
Miho (MegaTokyo)- GeekFest at Uni of Kent 2009
Alto (Macross Frontier) (First cross-play which wasn't very good -bought costume I did in Japan) - Osaka, Japan 2010
Horo (Spice and Wolf) - AyaCon 2011
Ookami-san (Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi) - AyaCon 2011
Jade (Beyond Good and Evil) - London MCM Expo Oct 2011
Tess (Jak 3) - London MCM Expo Oct 2013
Furisote Girl (Pokemon X and Y) - MinamiCon 20 March 2014
Ryougi Shiki (Kara no Kyoukai) - MinamiCon 20 March 2014
Saki (Eden of the East) - MinamiCon 20 March 2014
Pokemon Gijinka
Saika (Sengoku BASARA) - London Comic Con October 2014

Many of these weren't that great and I don't have many decent pics for them. I really want to get better pics of them in the future. I would have also like to take progress pics of them but I suck so I haven't. I plan to take them from now on though.

Want to Cosplay:
Coryphee Mannequin (Table-top skirmish game Malifaux)
Lara Croft (1st gen)

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Yotsuba - Ryougi Shiki - 29th May 2014

Not Happy

I am so not happy with this costume. I was in a bad mood anyway that day because it didn't fit right and it was too hot to wear the juban (white part underneith). I only got the photos back recently and still not happy with it.


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