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OriginEmil17 February, 2015 - 17:34
Hnng. I really need to play through Nier to the end at some point. Tried picking it up twice. Nevertheless, it's awesome to see someone planning to cosplay from it! :D
TsuchinokoRei Ayanami11 March, 2014 - 07:42
What a fantastic Rei cosplay! Your hard work really paid off and you have some wonderful photographs there, too.
RanmaSyaoranStrength1 September, 2013 - 16:21
There's cosplay, and then there's making a perfect replica of the character. You did both :D
RanmaSyaoranMenace1 September, 2013 - 16:20
This is really well made :D
Sketch McDrawFrodo Baggins16 July, 2013 - 01:27
-Kise Ryouta24 March, 2013 - 00:42
You look so handsome as Kise!
LeolaruaKouha Ren19 March, 2013 - 23:06
yes. that is all.
CloodKouha Ren19 March, 2013 - 22:51
InfiniteJesterKouha Ren19 March, 2013 - 21:17
asgdufgheridf this will be awesome to see!
nadsnadineKise Ryouta19 March, 2013 - 20:11
One on one with me?
WhiteWraithKise Ryouta19 March, 2013 - 18:52
You look amazing as Kise!
JustPeachyKise Ryouta19 March, 2013 - 18:00
You make such an awesome Kise! Loving the photos as well, really great job :D
LimegreenjellyStrength31 January, 2013 - 12:13
Epic Strength
Siouxsie JamesFrodo Baggins16 December, 2012 - 15:31
This costume is so detailed and cute on you! Grats on your win, you deserve it
TheStarlightFairyFrodo Baggins11 December, 2012 - 00:51
Well done on the win, the amount of research and work you've put into this is incredible!
EinmyriaFrodo Baggins10 December, 2012 - 22:56
Cutest Frodo ever!! love all the details in this, you both look amazing ^^
BernieBearFrodo Baggins9 December, 2012 - 19:46
'MISTER FRODO! ARE YOU OK MISTER FRODO?!' 'You need to get some new friends....' You so amazeballs <3
FreyaruleFrodo Baggins30 November, 2012 - 15:20
Ooh bless me little Hobbit feet Mister Frodo! You make a brilliant Frodo, so looking forward to the finals! :D
SephirayneFrodo Baggins30 November, 2012 - 02:32
You made an amazing Frodo. Congrats on winning ^^
KC-HOMEJa'Far18 November, 2012 - 16:18
soooo beautiful !! I love oriental styles in cosplay ♥ ♥ ♥ And you did reaaally great so far !!! I love detailed work :DDDD AWESOME ♥ Cheers, KC

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