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Triforceofdragons - Mal - 6th March 2021

Started work on Mal's trousers today. I think the best way to do these is to focus on each individual section at a time, or it'll quickly become overwhelming.

I started from the top front section which is a dark pearlescent blue. I mixed the pearly blue using a combination of black, silver and phthalo blue acrylic paints, until I got a nice blue colour with a shine to it. I painted the entire front section, including the black fabric around the zipper. Mal's zipper is actually at the back, so I'm going to disguise this one with sharpies and then draw in a fake one later. I'm going to let this dry for at least a day, and then if I feel the coat is enough I'm going to then go in with a little bit more black to weather the edges.


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