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Triforceofdragons - Mal - 26th February 2021

After a few months of procrastinating, I finally finished Mal's wig!

As Hades is my second favourite character in the movie, I decided to do Mal's purple-blue hair towards the end of the movie. I purchased a relatively cheap wig from Ebay which had a purple to lilac gradient, and it looks great. It has natural highlighted strands throughout, in a similar way that my Descendants 2 Mal wig had purple and pink highlights through it. I used black acrylic paint to add a small amount of roots, as the D3 wigs had roots added to them. I'm not 100% sure it looks that good, but for a first time it could have been worse. I'm sure the whole thing will look better when in full makeup and costume! I purchased royal blue wefts from Coscraft and took small 1-2 strand pieces and hotglued them through the wig to just give a little bit more vibrancy to her blue elements. I need to style it properly when I wear it as the added strands are straight and need waves added to them, but I'm happy with how it looks!

Now on to her patchwork monstrosity trousers...


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